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  • Image of ZIRKUS OST



POISONED POSTCARDS - Memories from unseen places

Someone kept sending me postcards from places unknown, at least unfound in any tourist attractions guides. These postcards seemed to have made a long long way before ending up in my letterbox, their surface was always damaged and dirty, the cardboard musty and scratched. No text had been written on the backside of the postcard, no identifiable senders sign, the stamp is destroyed.
The pictures seemed to be connected to someone’s memory, proof of a strangers visions... i was alienated, but I decided to keep and somehow document them... so i started scanning the frontsides, threw away the original cards. For some years, this was just a private pleasure.... i had these images in a folder... and sometimes even wondered why i kept them... until some friends encouraged me to showcase these pictures. Here they are.

All pieces of this series can be purchased as fine art prints on framed canvas. Each motiv is limited to 5 pieces, available in two optional sizes: 90 cm x 135 cm / 120 cm x 180 cm.